A member of the Lethbridge Police Service has been issued a $776 ticket that carries four demerit points in connection with a Wednesday evening collision where a woman was struck by a police vehicle.

The on-duty officer was driving a marked LPS cruiser out of the parking lot of the University Drive Alliance Church shortly before 11 p.m. and proceeded to head east on Columbia Boulevard.

A 27-year-old woman was walking north in the crosswalk at the intersection of Columbia Boulevard and Berkley Place when the cruiser approached. LPS officials say the officer attempted to stop the vehicle but was unable to avoid striking the pedestrian.

The collision was witnessed by two additional officers as well as a civilian.

The three officers attended to the woman and called for EMS. 

A paramedic crew assessed the woman and determined her injuries were minor. The woman declined transport to hospital and friends of hers arrived on scene to take her home.

The LPS member was issued a ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. His identity has not been released.