Police in Lethbridge believe a potent batch of Carfentanil is being consumed in the city and say they have seen a significant spike in overdose calls over the last week.

Emergency crews have responded to 42 overdose calls since last Monday and they are warning the public to take precautions.

Police say 16 of the overdoses happened on Friday alone and that a particularly potent batch of drugs, likely Carfentanil, is to blame.

Officials say in some cases, crews were called to one overdose and then found that there were a number of people who required treatment.

Paramedics had to administer higher doses of Naloxone in many cases and emergency responders are urging people who use street drugs to be extra careful.

“There is no quality control when it comes to illicit drugs,” said Insp. Jason Dobirstein in a statement. “No matter what you’re told you’re buying, you have no idea what you’re actually getting.”

Officials say anyone who uses street drugs should have at least one other person present and that they should have access to a naloxone kit and know how to use it.

A supervised consumption site is also set to open in the city later this week for people to use drugs while being supervised by medical professionals.

For more information on naloxone kits, click HERE.