Authorities in Lethbridge are hoping to turn up some new leads in the cases of two missing people who haven’t been seen for decades.

Julie Derouin, 23, went missing in 1980 but was officially reported missing in June 1983. Now, she would be 59 years old.

Police searched and excavated around the home she shared with her boyfriend in 1985, but were not able to find any trace of her.

Officials say that over the years since her disappearance, they have conducted interviews with dozens of people, but have not been able to determine if Derouin simply walked away or met with foul play.

Theodore Milde was reported missing in February 1993 when a friend of his found his keys and a note from him in his mailbox.

The note contained instructions on where to find his car as well as where to pick up some property that he wanted the friend to have at his home.

A search on his home discovered more notes and his vehicle was found right where he said it would be and footprints from the vehicle led into the coulees.

Police conducted several more searches in the river valley, but Milde has not been found.

Anyone with information about these two missing persons’ cases who has not yet spoken with police is asked to contact the Lethbridge Police Service.