A 25-year-old Lethbridge woman has been charged following a weekend incident where she is alleged to have vandalized a number of crime prevention signs.

Some of the signs, which advised people to call police if they witnessed any drug activity in the neighbourhood, were posted along the 500 block of 9th Street North .

On August 25, at around 1 a.m. a man who lived in a home on that block spotted a woman with a black band painted across her eyes ripping down the crime prevention sign he had posted on a tree in his yard.

The sign was one of dozens posted in that neighbourhood by residents concerned about rising criminal activity.

The man confronted the woman, who was belligerent and threatened him, before leaving on a bicycle.

A little while later, on the 1800 block of 6th Street, a man heard a voice outside his house. When he checked to see who it was, he saw a woman with a black band painted across her eyes tearing down a number of crime prevention signs he had posted in the neighbourhood.

The man asked her what she was doing and she explained that she viewed the crime prevention signs as “anti-addict.”

Around 3:30 a.m., the first man heard more noises outside his house. When he checked, it was the woman and two other people, spray painting other signs, acting belligerently and complaining that the signs were anti-addict.

When the trio left, the man followed them in his car, while speaking to police dispatch.

Later that day, the police were able to identify the woman and arrested her in her south Lethbridge home.

Ashley Dawn Marshall of Lethbridge was charged with uttering threats and two counts of mischief to property.

She was released with the provision that she not go within 100 metres of the two homes, or have any contact with the two men.

Marshall is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 30.