Dr. Aubrey Levin, convicted of three counts of sexual assault on Monday, will spend five years behind bars for his crimes.

Justice Donna Shelley gave her sentence to a crowded courtroom on Thursday which included two of the three victims in the trial and members of Levin's family.

In rendering her judgment, Shelley gave special consideration to the extent of one of the victim’s methods, by buying a spy watch in proving his complaints.

She also took into account the age and health of Levin.

The defence contended that if he spent an extended period in jail, he would likely die there.

The court heard on Wednesday from the three victims, who were all court-ordered patients of Dr. Aubrey Levin, about their ordeal and how the man’s actions affected their lives.

The hearing began at 2 p.m. in the afternoon and Shelley decided she would not rush a decision on Levin’s sentence considering the gravity of the case.

Crown prosecutors surprised the court on Wednesday, asking for a harsher penalty than they had previously.

They sought a sentence of between six to eight years in jail.

Levin’s defence lawyers wanted a 90 day sentence with the option of spending it on weekends.

Chris Archer calls the assaults on the male patients ‘minor’.

Levin was convicted of three counts of sexual assault on Monday and acquitted of two other charges.

The judge declared a mistrial in the cases involving four other complainants.