CALGARY -- When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the city in March, a group of volunteers in the northeast Calgary community of Harvest Hills got together to do what they could to support others.

Harvest Hills Cares was created from the need that so many Calgarians had when the lock down occurred. Whether it was because of lost work or requirements to self-isolate, the group answers the call to help.

"When they come to us, we do an intake, we ask them what they need, we ask them how we can help them and, if we can't help them, we refer them to someone who does," said Jennifer Rapuano-Kermenik, a volunteer with the team.

In one such situation, the volunteers provided a food hamper to a single mother who was struggling to feed her family.

The group has provided assistance to more than 2,300 families.

It's goal is to expand and partner with other non-profit organizations.

You can access their services online.