Twenty Alberta performers are competing for a chance to sing at the Calgary stop of the Lilith Fair tour.

In 1997, Sarah McLaughlin started Lilith Fair to showcase female performers.

After an 11 year hiatus, the tour is back and its first stop is Calgary on June 27th.

Alanna Clarke, from Cochrane, has entered the online contest in hopes that she'll get to take to the stage in Calgary.

"I am sure all those artists at Lilith Fair had that moment where they thought ‘If only I could get exposure. If someone could just hear my music,' and that's what they are giving back to local artists," says Clarke.

The 18-year-old says she's being working towards a career in music for nearly a decade. "I was always putting on shows. I was always trying to entertain people and then when I was 10, I decided I wanted to get into vocals and I wanted to get into guitar," says Clarke.

The online contest is calling on people to vote to narrow the Alberta field down to 10 from 20.

Organizers with the tour will then choose which singer will play a set at the Calgary stop.

According to current votes, Calgary's Lindsey Ell is in the top five.

Ell says the contest could lead to a great opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the business. "Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, their songs I have studied in and out and I've sang them for years so to be able to meet them in person would be truly unbelievable."

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