Health workers in Strathmore are worried about Alberta's oldest and frailest residents after they were told that a long-term care facility would be closing.

On Tuesday night, staff who work in the long-term care unit at the Strathmore Hospital were told the seniors will be moved to a private facility this October.

Patients and their families received letters from Alberta Health Services explaining the change.

Strathmore Hospital has 23 long-term care beds and the community has been pressing the government for more beds for years.

The Stelmach government promised 80 new beds and when that didn't happen residents protested.

Now the unions that represent workers at the hospital say 20 employees will lose their jobs.

The issue is this facility that’s been built with 21 million dollars from the taxpayers money, it’s a private facility so these people will, apparently they will have the opportunity to apply for jobs there but these jobs obviously, the pay is not as good, they’re going to lose their pension plans some of them and its gonna have a negative impact on the economy of that community,” said Glen Scott from the Alberta Union of Provincial employees.

Five registered nurses are also facing layoff notices at the facility.

(With files from Elissa Carpenter)