A major fire early Tuesday morning has destroyed two homes and damaged two others in the southeast Calgary community of Auburn Bay.

The fire broke out just after 2 a.m.

When fire crews arrived on scene, they helped 100 people out of a number of surrounding homes for precautionary measures.

Neighbours say they woke up to a lot of noise.

"I woke up to hearing screaming," said Justin Stone. "I looked out our bedroom window. We're right across. I say the one house on fire, then slowly watched the rest spread until the fire department arrived and fought it for quite some time."

No one was injured and police say that no one is reported missing.

All the affected residents were taken to the South Health Campus, the new hospital in southeast Calgary, but the majority have been allowed back into their homes.

15 residents are currently out of their homes.

Battalion Chief Al Magwood says that investigators are waiting on ATCO to take care of some damaged lines that are fueling what remains of the fire.

"Currently, we're in the position of having the fire under control. What we're running into is we've got a number of gas lines that are still firing off. Once ATCO turns off those lines or crimps them, the investigating team will be able to go in and find the cause of the fire."

Magwood adds that he's glad everyone made it out safely.

"Any time the occupants get out without any injuries, it's a good day for us."