CALGARY -- It's a bit of a hike from Calgary to Edmonton - 330 kilomtetres in fact - but Chris Sadleir is what one might say is a motivated man.

Sadleir, who works for CTV Edmonton, got the notion for his long walk home as a way of showing support for the Alberta Lung Association, after his father, who has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis,  was the recipient of a double lung transplant four years ago.

Understanding the precarious nature of matching up donors and recipients in their moment of acute need, Sadleir hopes to raise $22,000 -- a dollar for every breath the average person takes in  a day - for the ALA.

When it comes to transplants, timing is often a life-or-death scenario.

"Science and the diagnosis is one thing," Sadleir said Friday, before setting off up the highway. "Trying to figure out what's wrong, if it's determined you need an organ transplant, in my father's case a double lung transplant - and you don't have the donor, and you don't have the organs that come available, you're going to lose people along the way, for sure."

Sadleir hopes to complete his walk - approximately 462,000 steps or the length of about 5830 hockey rinks - by August 17.

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