A family of five was forced out of their northeast home after fire raced through the main floor of the structure on Wednesday morning.

Emergency crews were called out to reports of a fire at single-family home on Martinbrook Place NE at about 10:25 a.m.

When crews arrived, smoke and flames were pouring from the residence and they had to act quickly to keep the fire from spreading.

“The crews acted very quickly. We knocked it down. We kept it in the area of origin, which is perfect because if it ever gets beyond that, we’re all in a lot of trouble, so they covered the exposures very quickly and everybody’s out safely as far as we know,” said Bryan Loschuk, Acting CFD Battalion Chief.

Fire officials say no injuries were reported but EMS did assess the four adults and one child at the scene to ensure they were all right.

It is believed that the blaze started on the main floor of the home but officials say they won’t know for sure until the investigation is complete.

“We won’t know until an investigator gets in there,” said Loschuk. “Our guys are experts in their field and they’ll pretty well, come up with a good idea of where it started, how it started.”

Loschuk says the home also suffered smoke damage and the occupants will not be allowed to return to the home until officials deem it safe to do so.