A march in Calgary Saturday afternoon called for the decriminalization of pot and easier access to medical marijuana.

The sixth annual Calgary Worldwide Marijuana March included recreational users and also Calgarians who have multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

Many have Health Canada exemptions allowing them to legally posses, cultivate, and consume cannabis.

But event organizer Keith Fagan says access to medical marijuana is too restrictive, and he says Canada should be more like the U.S. in the number of people legally allowed to use medical marijuana.

"One state in the U.S. in the first year has 20-thousand people, 30-thousand people in the first year, and we've been at it since 2001, and almost 10 years and we've got 5-thousand, not even. Something's seriously, seriously wrong," commented Fagan.

There were also marijuana marches held in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lethbridge.