CALGARY -- A very special cat will soon be up for adoption at the Meow Foundation.

Blue Steel — named after the legendary pose made by a male model in the movie Zoolander — was found in an abandoned home with an injured wrist.

"He was hit by a car and so we don’t know if the injury he had was associated with that. The bone in his wrist twisted a certain way,” said Meow Foundation’s intake team lead Ania Zavaleta.

After being examined by a veterinarian, Blue Steel’s injury was deemed too serious and the decision was made to amputate his front leg.

“Most cats and dogs they adapt well as ‘tripods.’ that's what we call them. They learn to balance on three legs. That is what Blue Steel, who earned his name because of his bright blue eyes, has done,” Zavaleta said.

The cat, has been recovering from surgery, but will be put up for adoption in a few days. There is no word on whether or not it will still be an ambi-turner with three legs, but he will still be just as lovable.

“Over the years we have learned that almost every cat will find a home, no matter what, whether they're the perfect cat or have a few disabilities that go along with them. People are really good,” said Debbie Nelson, director of operations.

The organization hopes this holiday season, Calgarians will open their homes and hearts to a cat that needs extra care. Cats can also be sponsored through the Meow Foundation’s Guardian Angel program.