People are still fascinated with screen icon and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe even thought she died over 40 years ago.

A new exhibit at the Glenbow Museum is reviving the memories of Marilyn for Calgarians by displaying some of her costumes, jewellry, photographs and mementos.

The exhibit includes 10 dresses that the star wore in some of her best know films like "Some Like it Haute" and "Seven Year Itch".

"I think what really makes it special is that the actual gowns worn on her body are here and you can feel that and that's what museums often do is bring it home by an encounter with an original, unique thing," said Jeff Spalding, Glenbow Museum President.

The dresses have never been displayed in Canada before and are so tiny that special mannequins had to be found and padded out to mimic Monroe's famous curves.

"They're 24 inch waist or less and in fact, we had trouble finding mannequins to fit," said Lorain Lounsberry, Senior Curator of the Glenbow Museum, "they're basically young women, youth/teenage mannequins,"

Monroe died from an overdose of barbiturates on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36 in Los Angeles, California.

The circumstances surrounding her death have kept historians and film buffs speculating for years.

Although officially ruled a probable suicide, accidental overdose was never ruled out and conspiracy theorists still argue that she was murdered.

The exhibit at the Glenbow opens to the public on Saturday, November 29 and runs until February 22, 2009.

For more information visit the Glenbow Museum's website.