CALGARY -- The Metis Nation of Alberta is suing Alberta for not adequately consulting them on energy projects.

The organization said it was close to having an overall agreement before it was killed with the election of the United Conservative Party in 2019.

Court documents quote a handwritten note to a senior official, warning that adding more Indigenous communities to consult with is burdening the energy industry.

The notes supported keeping the current policy, which forces Metis people to go through an older, more onerous process.

"Metis rights are enshrined in the Canadian constitution," said Audrey Poitras, President of the Metis Nation of Alberta. "The honour of the Crown requires that the province consult with us about resource development that might impact us and negotiate with us to ensure that Metis rights are recognized and respected."

There are over 47,000 Metis living in Alberta. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario all have such agreements with Metis living in those provinces.