A 1930 Calgary Stampede poster missing for years has been found.

The poster is one of three, from 1922, 1926 and 1930 that were discovered missing from the Stampede's collection, which contains over 100 different posters.

Wednesday, Stampede Board Chair and President Dana Peers presented Darlene Mowatt with a cheque for $1,000, in exchange for the 1930 poster, which Mowatt had hanging in her Calgary basement for decades.

"There has always been a question as to whether they even actually existed," Peers said, of the missing posters. "So to be able to unveil the 1930 poster is exciting."

Mowatt said she got the poster from her brother-in-law Jack, a southern Alberta rancher who had it rolled up in his barn.

One day, Mowatt heard on the radio that the 1930 poster was one of three missing Stampede posters.

"I went downstairs to where it was hanging, and thought, that's the one!" she said.

Christine Leppard, the Stampede's historical specialist, was told around three weeks ago that Mowatt thought she had a 1930 poster.

"I didn't quite believe it," Leppard said.

"When I got to their house and saw it, I couldn't speak. I was in shock.

"It has been so long that we've been looking for this."

The Stampede is still looking for the posters to the 1922 and 1926 Stampedes, and offering $1000 reward for each.

To see the 2019 Stampede Poster, visit the website.