One of the three bears that were found in a Banff bathroom about a year and half ago has been found dead in the backcountry of the park.

The trio of female bears were found inside a washroom facility near Vermilion Lakes on April 1, 2017.

The animals, aged three months, were too young to be cared for within the province due to regulations and were transported to an Ontario facility where they could learn to survive on their own.

A year later the bears were returned to a remote area in the backcountry and were equipped with GPS collars and tags to track their progress.

In late August, one of the bears was discovered dead within the park.

Parks Canada Resource Conservation staff found the animal on August 28 when her GPS collar switched into mortality mode after being recorded as stationary for 24 hours.

Officials say it appears that the bear had been preyed upon by another bear, possibly a grizzly, in a buffalo berry patch.

The two remaining bears, travelling independently, continue to be monitored via GPS.