Mayor Naheed Nenshi has settled a debt that he owed to Toronto mayor John Tory over the Grey Cup match on Sunday.

The Calgary Stampeders lost to the Toronto Argonauts in the final minutes of the game, failing on a number of critical plays that turned Calgary’s lead into a 27-24 loss.

It was a tough pill to swallow for Nenshi, who was forced to recite a poem praising the Argos during Monday’s council meeting while wearing the team’s jersey.

“Now we have business to do and I must end this tale of woe, but I have to wrap it up by saying, ‘go Toronto Argos, go, go, go.”

The mayor also made a contribution to Toronto’s Food Bank, as per the agreement with Tory.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Stampeders will be at McMahon Stadium on Tuesday cleaning out their lockers for the end of the season.

The day will be a particularly tough one to take for Kamar Jorden, the receiver whose fumble led to an Argos touchdown that changed the course of the game.

"It hurt man, it sucks. At the end of the day, I just gotta be better with the ball. I gotta be smarter with the ball. The fumble was a big time fumble and I look at it like I cost my team the game."

Jordan says he felt like he let the team down at the biggest moment of the game and he needs to deal with the consequences.

The other players don't want him to take it so hard.

"It was one bad play and I know he'll kick himself for it, but we love him and it's not on that one play. We had a chance to win at the end of the game," said Bo Levi Mitchell. "Just like last year after the Grey Cup, I said I wanted the ball at the end of the game and it was and I didn't get the job done."

The Stampeders are set to arrive at McMahon later on Tuesday morning.