Vendors and collectors alike got the chance to show off thousands of vinyl records at the Calgary Music Collector’s Show in Acadia on Sunday.

Over the past 10 years, music on vinyl records has seen resurgence as digital music fans are taking a look back at analog recordings.

They say there is something different in the older media.

“You get the in-between sound. There’s something that records have. You can’t skip it. It’s an in-between sound there and I really like that about them,” said Jacqueline Stutz, a vinyl record collector.

Fans have been meeting in Calgary twice a year for the past nine years, looking for albums to round out their collections.

Mark Corner, one of the organizers, says the show has a lot of rare records too.

“A lot of the records from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s are very hard to find and that is some of the stuff that is most sought after now.”

Many visitors to the show are also looking for a few choice albums to start up their own collection.

“I have a very old soul. I love old music. I’m a ‘60s girl. I love the Beatles and everything,” said Mckenna Olson.

Even some of the dealers at the show have massive collections at home, but they love every part of them.

“I’ve got about 7,000 at home and about 1,500 here,” said Hank McDonald, one of the vendors. “I don’t think I have an album I haven’t listened to.”

For more details on the show and when the next one is planned in Calgary, you can visit the group’s official website.