It started out as a grassroots movement last year, but organizers are pushing harder ahead of the 2016 Calgary Stampede to fight sexual harassment.

The #SafeStampede campaign aims to prevent unruly and out-of-character behaviour that often occurs during the party atmosphere of the Stampede.

Organizers came up with the idea to help protect women who might fear for their safety and stay away from Stampede events.

It also encourages people to discuss the issue and help everyone to look out for each other, a sentiment the Stampede agrees with.

“They don’t want their event to be about people drinking too much and misbehaving and making other people uncomfortable and putting them in danger,” said Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, organizer of the #SafeStampede campaign. “This is an event for everybody in the city and them putting their stamp on this is really going to mean a lot.”

The campaign is also working with the province and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre.

There are also a number of other campaigns working during this year’s Stampede.

Some of the other campaigns concern safe sex, because there is a spike in those tested for STIs every July in the city.