Residents of a southeast neighbourhood have welcomed an unexpected visitor this week as a wild turkey has been roaming the community.

“Nobody’s really complained about it,” said Erin Joslin, vice-president of the Ramsay Community Association. "It’s just been more of an entertainment thing.”

First reports of a wild turkey in Ramsay emerged more than a week ago and questions were raised when a resident posted a photo of it on the community’s Facebook page.

“Now it’s been constant sightings of this wild turkey,” laughed Joslin, adding that speculation regarding the bird is running rampant. “Where did this turkey come from? Is it a boy turkey? Is it a girl turkey? This turkey needs a name.”

The bird has made its way through backyards, alleyways, streets, and across the hood of a car as it leisurely travels throughout Ramsay.

“A week ago, I was sent a video of the turkey hopping over the hood of my son’s car from a friend who lives in the neighbourhood,” said Allison Morgan. “I don’t know how something that large survives in an urban setting.”

Morgan says the bird has been a welcomed addition to Ramsay. “I love it,” beamed Morgan. “I hope no one hurts the turkey. Leave the turkey alone. We have turkey spottings almost daily now.”

The turkey has been seen watching its own reflection in the windows of houses and been caught eating dog food in a backyard.

Several explanations for the turkey’s arrival in the neighbourhood continue to circulate within the community including the possibility someone had been attempting to bring the bird to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, but nothing has been confirmed.

For the time being, the turkey remains welcome in Ramsay and is considered a local celebrity.

“There’s also been a pheasant spotting but the turkey’s definitely the star right now,” said Joslin.  “As long as the turkey’s behaving himself (it’s welcome).”

With files from CTV's Kathy Le