Residents of a temporary camp in southeast Calgary, erected to house displaced flood victims, will soon be on the move.

CTV News has learned the Great Plains Camp will soon cease to exist, with its expected closure scheduled for sometime in the next two months.

The province has decided to close the camp following a significant drop in the number of people needing temporary housing.

"We want to emphasize that this 30-60 days is not hard and fast,” explains Tricia Anderson, spokesperson for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. “We will not put people on the streets. It's a fluid timeframe for us which is why we want to make sure we get people transitioned to alternate accommodations.”

Government workers are going door to door, advising residents of the camp’s impending closure.

As of December 24, only 45 people continued to live at the residential camp. When it opened in October, Great Plains was built to house more than 700 people.