The Hoang's home in the northeast community of Livingston has drawn the attention of neighbourhood kids after a makeshift rink was installed in the basement.

Mike Hoang built the replica of the Scotiabank Saddledome for his son Teiden.

"It basically all started off at our old townhouse," said Hoang. "I found him setting up a little corner there, shooting balls at a little small net that he created."

"I told him once we moved to our new house, which is the current one here, that I'd dedicate an area just for him to practice his shooting."

Hoang, a Calgary Flames season ticket holder, says the rink has evolved over time with some of the changes borne out of necessity.

"He wanted the faceoff circles, he wanted the blue lines painted in. That's what inspired me to start painting this room on my days off or when I had time to pick at it."

An effort to stop the balls from scattering throughout the basement led Hoang to create boards out of scrap wood around 'Taters' Saddledome' and he later added a Jumbotron over the Flames logo he handpainted at centre ice.

"We play basically every night. Might as well just make it more realistic and fun for him."

Future improvements to the rink may include the installation of a penalty box, "games get a little rough", and a barrier to prevent future holes in the vapor barrier.