A problem property in the southeast Calgary community of Southview was shuttered for the second time in less than a year by Alberta’s Safe Communities and Neigbourhood (SCAN) Unit on Tuesday afternoon.

The home at 2000 Cottonwood Cres. S.E. will be closed for 90 days, the maximum allowed in Alberta.

"It brings a sense of safety and security to the community again," said Daniel Taylor, who lives near the suspected drug house. "Everybody here can sleep well at night again and they don't have to worry."

Neighbours say they would see people who live in or visit the home doing drugs and stealing property almost every day.

"Two days ago, we had a bike, my son's bike, stolen. it's funny because it was two days before we had the security system installed, because of this house," said neighbour Seth Barlow.

According to a Community Safety Order filed Sept. 12, people living in or visiting the house at 2000 Cottonwood Cres. S.E. were allegedly using and selling drugs.

In October 2018, members of the Calgary Police Service and Alberta Sheriffs boarded up and fenced-off the property after neighbour complaints and several overdoses, including one fatality, were observed at the home.

The property was closed off until January, but the problems persisted after people were allowed back into the home. Police responded to the property a total of 39 times over the last two years, including for an assault in August that involved two men beating a resident of the house with a baseball bat and ball-peen hammer.

People in the community hope residents of the home get the help they need, but they also want to see the courts handle the problem for good.

"[Addiction] can happen to any of us," said neighbour Keith Bourgette. "But if you're given an opportunity for help and you refuse that help, then I think it's time to say 'enough is enough, let's do what the laws are intended to do'."

The most recent closure will be enforced until Dec. 16. Once that ends, the order forbids the owner of the property from having visitors or tenants for a period of five years, which ends Dec. 16, 2024.