The 35-foot polar bear erected at Enoch Park as part of the popular Beakerhead festival isn’t just spectacular to look at, there is an important message about climate change.

The creation was built out of recycled car hoods to show the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss.

Sculptor and builder, Don Kennell, who is from New Mexico, said he is very concerned about climate change and wanted to bring the concerns to public spaces.

“People have this deep connection with this animal, they understand that this animal is on the front lines of climate change and when they find out that the piece is made out of recycled car hoods they really make that connection,” said Kennell.

Kennell says it’s his first time featuring the Long View Polar Bear in Calgary at Beakerhead.

However, the bear, named after his mother Edna, has been displayed in five other cities, including its debut at the Burning Man festival, in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The massive installation drew in curious onlookers during the lunch hour in Calgary.

“I think that’s a really important message right now I mean we’re at a place where we really need to be more mindful of what we’re doing environmentally,” said Renaya Darsi, who stopped by to take photos.

The Long View Polar Bear will be relocated to Prince’s Island Park after September 15.

Beakerhead 2019 runs from September 18 – 22.