CALGARY -- Former Calgary realtor and mortgage broker Trevor Fenn is coming to his own defence, denying the allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed against him by his former fiancée

None of the allegations have been tested in court, but in a statement of defence, Fenn denies the allegations contained in a statement of claim.

"In text messages and emails, I have over 250 pages at my lawyers," said Fenn. "Without a doubt, everything she says is not true."

Fenn is being sued by Heidi Hebditch, his ex. She said she met Fenn online on a dating site in May 2018 and finances quickly became a top of discussion. Hebditch claims Fenn told her to make multiple investments including money into homes they would flip for a profit.

"He also painted a picture of a beautiful future," said Hebditch in an interview with CTV last week. "I had some dreams of this one particular house in B.C. I fell in love with and he would play that over and over, this is what’s going to get you that house."

In the claim, she alleges that her "personal relationship with Fenn was advanced by Fenn under false pretences with the objective to take advantage of (her) financially."

Fenn says he did not force Hebditch into making any investments and they came up with business plans together. He adds that Hebditch did see a return on investments on three of the four homes purchased.

"Heidi was lending her own money out, making a killing off of that money," said Fenn. "The math doesn’t even add up. Where’s the money?"

Fenn said at no time did he claim to have great wealth although Hebditch said in the claim that he demonstrated an affluent lifestyle. 

"The Defendant was in bankruptcy during all material times and was financially strapped due to a large but bad investment," reads the statement of defence. "At no time did he represent to the Plaintiff that he was high flying and wealthy."

The couple broke up in July 2019, several months after they were engaged

Fenn denies allegations he started dating Hebditch as part of a financial scheme.

"This is a woman I’ve loved more than anyone I’ve ever had," said Fenn. "Betrayal, annihilation, I couldn’t believe it."

Fenn is no longer allowed to work as a realtor. Wednesday, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) approved Fenn's lifetime withdrawal application.

Fenn was originally temporarily suspended from RECA in June and he then applied to withdraw from the council in November. 

RECA said it investigated Fenn for unlawful dealings and undermining the industry, but made no finding of intentional misrepresentation or fraud as the investigation was not completed and the conduct proceedings were discontinued as a result of the accepted withdrawal.