The former chief constable of the Calgary Police Service is calling on CPS leadership and management to address the ongoing culture issues including harassment, bullying and intimidation within the force.

Following a speaking engagement with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations on Thursday, Roger Chaffin reflected on the growing need for open dialogue regarding toxic behaviour within the CPS.

“Holding on to the past, holding on to some historical norms, aren’t going to get us anywhere,” explained Chaffin. “We have to break free from our past and look for a better strategy into the future.”

Chaffin says acknowledging that issues exist, and persist, is a step in the right direction but the CPS needs to improve transparency after several troubling allegations emerged. “I think it needed to be up front and centre. I don’t think it’s something that can be dealt with quietly in the background and somehow hope that no one asks the difficult questions.”

The former police chief regrets the fact that there were CPS members who had unacceptable experiences during his three year tenure at the helm of the force and admits, in retrospect, there are things he would have done differently.

Mark Neufeld, the outgoing chief of the Camrose Police Service, has been selected as the next chief constable of the Calgary Police Service and is scheduled to begin serving in the role in the coming days.

With files from CTV’s Teri Fikowski