Supporters of the Inglewood Pool are hoping to make waves all the way to Calgary City Hall in an effort to save the amenity from closing for good.

It's one of the many facilities to be cut in a recent $60 million spending reduction plan to remedy a budget crisis.

Area residents and visitors held a pool party on Sunday and passed around a petition to gather signatures to push to keep the pool going off the deep end.

"It was really disappointing, it’s not only used by our seniors and our school kids but it’s really a community gathering spot for the entire neighbourhood," said Naomi Withers, communications director for the Inglewood Community Association.

Nearby families say the pool is integral to the community.

"The pool is a mainstay for us in Inglewood, it was one of the drivers for us buying here as was walkability, accessibility, affordability," said Jill Viccars, a mother of three children. “I think we were all pretty angry.”

It first opened in 1963 and often hosts swimming lessons, public swim sessions and birthday parties.

The Inglewood 'Pool Posse' collected more than 2,500 signatures that will presented to city council in a request for temporary funding to keep the pool from being permanently drained.