LETHBRIDGE – A woman in the City of Lethbridge is suffering some sleepless nights after she discovered how close she came to be the victim of a violent crime.

Debi Henderson says her husband John had gotten up early on the morning of October 5 to walk their dogs when he got a notification on his smartphone that someone was at the front door.

"I was home alone sleeping and the phone rang," she told CTV News. "It was my husband calling to say 'Grab your phone and look at the video, there is somebody at the door.'"

While her husband ran home to help her, Debi called the police and watched as an unknown male walked through their backyard to try and open the back door.

In the video feed, she saw he was holding a large butcher knife.

"So I'm frozen, trying to listen if he is trying to get into the back of the house and trying to figure out where I should be running to. Do I lock myself in the bathroom, do I run downstairs? It's amazing how you think you know what you're going to do but you absolutely don't and then you have that replaying through your head, you know ever since this happened, you know, it's terrifying."

She tells CTV News the only thing that stopped the assailant from getting inside was that her door was locked.

The suspect then allegedly tried to get into their neighbour's home, Henderson says, but he was scared off by their dog.

At another home, the intruder actually gained entry and took the homeowners by surprise.

"The house that he entered, they were awakened and basically startled each other. He ran away from the house."

Lethbridge police say they were called to the 100 block of Fairmont Road South for reports of a break-in early Saturday morning.

Officers, along with a police service dog, responded to the scene and located a suspicious male trying to hide beside a vehicle.

The suspect refused to comply with the demands and the dog, named Robby, was deployed to make the arrest.

"At that point, we did know that he had a large butcher knife with him at the time," says S/Sgt. Mark Smallbones with the LPS. "So, obviously, the dog helps make it safer for the officers too."

He continued to resist arrest despite the police dog's actions but officers then moved in and handcuffed him.

Mitchell Shot Both Sides, 20, was taken to Chinook Regional Hospital where he was treated and released.

He is facing three counts of attempted break and enter, break and enter, possession of a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest.

Henderson says she's glad police were able to quickly make an arrest, but that doesn't completely quell her fear.

"It's amazing how the feelings, the fear and the trauma stay with you."

She also posted the video taken outside her home on her Facebook page as a warning to friends and community members and remind everyone to lock their doors even if they're only stepping out for a short time.

Shot Both Sides is expected to appear in Lethbridge Provincial Court on Thursday.