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The whole kit and kaboodle of precipitation

On the precipice of the week's end, we're mixed in for some rain to start, but by this evening, a wave of cool air from the north is expected, which will transition us to snow, instead, as a wave of precipitation swings over the Rockies. The potential is there to generate a layer on the ground by morning, and with a high of just 2 degrees, it may have a touch of staying power.  Granted, it'll be coming down as wet snow, which means it wants to melt. It won't have a choice by Sunday, with a high of 11 expected. Also of note on Saturday, is that the transition from our low of 0 to our high of 2 may yield freezing rain or ice pellets. It's the sort of day to REALLY take it easy on those roads.

Friday: Cloudy, periods of rain turning to snow in the evening,  high 6
Saturday: Cloudy, snow with a chance of ice pellets, tapering late day high 2
Sunday: AM cloud clearing, high 11
Monday: Partly cloudy, high 11
Tuesday: Mainly sunny, high 16

Kevin Stanfield

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