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Cooler and wetter

The driving factor in the Province right now is a low near the elbow of Alberta that is dropping a lot of rain and developing some thunderstorms. As of 10am Saturday measurements in the Grand Prairie regions were 50-80 mm of rainfall. Those numbers will climb as rain will fall into Sunday. The front associated with this low are driving some thunderstorms once again and will cool a lot of the Province down and keep things, for the most part, unsettled. We have a cooler and for some wetter week ahead.

TONIGHT: A few clouds. Low 10
SUNDAY: Mainly sunny with showers possible near midnight. High 21 Low 10
MONDAY: Scattered showers. High 20 low 9
TUESDAY: Morning showers then clearing. High 19 low 9
WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy. High 21 low 10
THURSDAY: 60% chance of showers in the afternoon. High 23 low 11

Warren Dean

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