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Expect Changes This Week

Mild weather will continue through Wednesday, with highs near the melting point each day (give or take a degree or two).   A mild westerly flow will keep us dry through Wednesday.   On Thursday, a Low pressure system will form just northeast of Calgary.   It's the start of an Alberta clipper, and will bring snow to central regions of each of the prairie provinces through Saturday.    There is only a slight chance of snow flurries for Calgary on Friday.  There is a much better chance that, as the clipper moves east, it will shift our flow to the north, and bring down some considerably cooler air from the arctic for southern Alberta toward the end of the week.

Monday night: Partly cloudy, low -6
Tuesday: Variable cloud, high -1
Wednesday: Partly cloudy, high 2
Thursday: Mainly sunny, high -2
Friday: Partly cloudy, very slight chance of morning flurries, high -8
Saturday: Mainly sunny, high -9

David Spence

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