A valuable asset to the Calgary Fire Department has hung up her collar with the service and now needs help to support her in retirement.

K9 Honey Dog, an accelerant detection canine, joined the CFD in May 2012 to assist in the investigation of hundreds of fire scenes.

Her handler says she was very good at her job.

"She's around 90 per cent accurate and, you know, the 10 per cent that's not coming back positive from the crime lab is just because I didn't collect it properly," says Brad McDonald.

Now, over seven years later, her handler says she was forced to retire her from service after Honey came down with chronic active hepatitis and kidney disease.

As a result, the treatment for her condition requires constant care and daily medications that are over $500 per month.

"It gives her a quality of life we can try and give her until the disease runs it's course," McDonald says. "She's given so much of her life for others that in her retirement, she deserves to be comfortable and to be in as little pain as possible."

While Honey was an active member of the CFD, that care was covered by a generous donation from a local energy company but now, since she has retired, those funds are no longer available.

Now, to help with those costs, a GoFundMe campaign has been opened to help support her and her handler.

"This GoFundMe page is being set up in hopes that we can provide some financial support for retired K9 Honey Dog, as she, and her handler travel through this difficult time together. All funds raised will go directly to her veterinary care and daily medication costs," the page's administrator writes.

The goal of the campaign is to cover the medical costs for one year, which is about $6,000.

Organizers say that any money left over if Honey passes before the funds are used up will be donated to the Alberta SPCA.