CALGARY -- A rally was held Thursday over the lunch hour outside of the Harry Hays building in downtown Calgary to mark four years of problems with the Phoenix Pay System.

The event put on by the Public Service Alliance of Canada was "to remind the federal government that workers continue to suffer the consequences," according to a press release from the group.

"We have had members that have not gotten paid, have gotten paid too much and nothing has changed," said Marianne Hladun, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for the Prairie region.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada, which represents a large number of federal workers, has yet to reach a compensation agreement with the government.

As of January 22, the backlog of complaints sat at 197,000, according to the federal government’s most recent public service pay centre dashboard.

The PSAC is prepared to fight until members "get what they are owed, up to and including a strike," stated a press release.

Other similar rallies have taken place in other Canadian cities.