A group of students made a special presentation to Calgary veterans at the Colonel Belcher Carewest facility on Thursday morning in honour of Remembrance Day.

About 100 students from the Dr. J.K. Mulloy School’s choir performed songs from the Second World War for the residents and presented them with Flanders Fields poppies.

The students say the project was fun and that they enjoyed taking part in the presentation.

“We care about Remembrance Day and all the soldiers. We were making poppies to remember them,” said Grade 3 student, Sanjana Reddy. “Dr. J.K. Mulloy was a doctor and he helped veterans so our school wants to help celebrate Remembrance Day also.”

The poppies were grown and cared for by the students with the help of City of Calgary gardeners and will go to local legions later in the day.

“We had to get Jeff the gardener to bring us poppy seeds and then we watered our poppy seeds at our school, in two greenhouses,” said Sanjana. “It feels really exciting and happy.”

CTV Calgary will livestream Remembrance Day services from The Military Museums on November 11 beginning at 10:30 a.m.

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