Alberta Health Services has released more details on two confirmed cases of measles; both patients are students at Western Canada High School.

The two cases are linked but neither is travel-related.

AHS says people may have been exposed at the high school and two other locations.

Anyone at the National Pub Westhills on March 24 & 25 between 11 AM and 7 PM may have been exposed.

As well, anyone at the Cibo restaurant - on 17 Avenue S.W. on March 29 and 30 between 4 PM and 11 PM may have been exposed to the virus.

Students at Western Canada High school are being contacted if AHS can't confirm their immunization records.

36 staff members and 71 students were immunized Wednesday because they were either not immunized or couldn't verify if they were fully immunized.

“My records of getting my shot already are in Ontario,” says Nicole Livingston. “So they are saying I’m not allowed to come back to school on Monday, unless I get the shot today and if I get the shot today, then I’m still not allowed to come back until the 22nd. I’m in Grade 12, so that’s a big deal to me because my grades matter a lot.”

Health officials say that students who aren’t vaccinated or who have just got their shot should stay home for at least two weeks until the risk of infection at the school is over.

Anyone born before 1970 is considered immune, those born after 1970 may require immunization.

This is the second time this year Western Canada High School has been affected by measles.

So far in 2014, five people in Calgary have tested positive for measles.  Three of those people were not immunized, two were fully immunized and Dr. Judy MacDonald from AHS says those kind of breakthrough cases are unusual.

Two of the previous cases were travel related; both people have travelled to the Philippines which is experiencing an ongoing outbreak.  One of the travelers was immunized and one was not.

Coincidently, there is also one new case of measles in Edmonton confirmed Thursday but it is not related to the Calgary cases.

AHS is advising about potential exposures in Edmonton.  People who visited the Callingwood Safeway on March 25th as will as the west end registries on 170th street and 100 ave on both March 25th and March 26th may have been exposed to the Edmonton measles case.

Measles is highly contagious and spreads easily through the air.

It can take 21 days to incubate.

Symptoms include a runny nose, red eyes, or a rash behind the ears that spreads.

In very extreme cases, measles can be fatal.

Concerned parents of students at Western Canada High School can contact the school for more information at 403-228-5363 and ask to speak with the assistant principal designated to your child. 

Click here for the AHS health advisory.