Tyler Barrow

CTV News Lethbridge Video Journalist


Tyler Barrow joined CTV News Lethbridge in December of 2018 after working on a reality survival show in the Northwest Territories.

A 2015 graduate of SAIT's Broadcast News program, Lethbridge-based Tyler was fortunate to land a practicum with CTV News Lethbridge. Tyler likes to jokes he was hired right from that practicum but his contract took three and half years to make it to him, which is why he went to the University of Calgary to finish his Bachelor of Communication. 

In his time with CTV News Lethbridge he has been stranded in a snow storm, covered a tornado, a train derailment and the Brooks Bandits winning the National Junior A Championship on home ice.

Tyler was born and bred in Banff making him a bit of an outdoorsmen. One of his first and favourite stories, was about immigrants from Syria and Iran giving skiing a try at Pass Powder Keg ski mountain.

Arriving at a location, whether it's three minutes or three hours from the station and getting exposure to a different side or a message he feels the public should be aware of is what keeps Tyler engaged.

Tyler speaks English.