A horrible smell that was sending a chill up the spine of many customers at a northeast Calgary Dairy Queen has finally been tracked down.

Earlier this week, the owner of the location in the 11100 block of 14 Street N.E. issued a call for anyone to help identify a foul smell that had been plaguing the location since its opening day in 2015.

Sujad Bandali said he was desperate to find out the source, especially because it had persisted for so long.

He says the smell varied, floating between propane, hydrogen sulfide and sometimes just an unidentifiable gas.

ATCO and the Calgary Fire Department both attended several times and tested the air, but neither crew have found anything wrong.

Bandali, frustrated with a lack of answers, turned to social media, offering free Blizzards every week for a year to the person who traced the stink.

Now, after a renewed search, another team of ATCO workers have sniffed out the source of the smell. It was tracked back to a gas leak near one of the entrances that was only discovered when all of the vents and equipment was shut down throughout the shop.

As for the free ice cream, Bandali said he offered the prize to the members of the team that found the leak, but they ended up declining their frozen treats.

Instead, Bandali will be making donations to the Miracle Network throughout the year to say thanks.