The Albertan who ran 250 marathons in one year is out to set another record.  This time Martin Parnell's sport of choice is netball.

Netball is similar to basketball but the nets have no back boards, and players can't dribble the ball.

Along with Parnell, a group of athletes made up of some of our women's provincial and national netball team members will take to the court next weekend.

Instead of playing just one game, they'll be attempting to set a world record by playing netball for 61 hours straight.

The current record is held by an England team at 60 hours.

It's a daunting task meant to bring exposure to the sport. Parnell says the group is also hoping to raise $25,000 for "Right to Play", a charity which uses sport to improve the lives of children.

"$50 dollars give a child the right to play program for one year," says Parnell. "The money goes to children in a number of disadvantaged countries around the world, but there's also 4,500 schools that use Right to Play here in Canada."

Julie Arnold, a Netball Alberta volunteer, says there are strict regulations that next week's event has to follow for it to qualify as a world record.

"To be honest, I am finding that harder than the 61 hours of netball will be," says Arnold. "It's going to be more of a challenge and a lot harder to actually prove that we've met all the criteria and adhered to the rules than it will be to actually get through 61 hours of netball."

The athletes and organizers say they'd like you to drop by next weekend to cheer on the teams at the South Fish Creek Recreation Centre.

For more information about the event, and how you can donate, visit the Netball Alberta website.