There is a new type of epinephrine auto-injector on the market in Canada that is making it easier for those who suffer from severe allergic reactions.

Mackenzie is only five years old but she is already familiar with the EpiPen because she is allergic to a long list of foods.

Mackenzie uses the trainer auto-injector on one of her stuffies to help her learn how to use the medication injector.

Now there is a new auto-injector on the market which offers audio instructions to help people administer the medication.

Mackenzie's mother likes that additional level of support as do other people who are not familiar with the auto injectors.

“Having never administered the auto injector, there was always for me a certain level of concern or fear. Would I be able to be calm enough, would I react appropriately or if I wasn’t there, would her babysitter, or grandmother, or teacher know what to do and would they be able to remain calm enough to administer the epinephrine,” said Mackenzie’s mother Michelle Dirk.

Dirk says they have never had to use the EpiPen on Mackenzie but it is comforting to know that they are prepared should it be needed.

The new audio auto-injector is called Allerject and gives automated voice instructions on its use to the patient in English or French.