As the province is sitting with the worst unemployment rate it has seen in twenty years, a new campaign has been put together to shed light on the urgent problem of poverty in Calgary.

The ‘Enough For All’ campaign, kicked off on Tuesday morning, aims to reduce poverty by 50 percent in seven years.

The initiative is a joint effort between four different groups and hundreds of volunteers to erase the stigma associated with poverty in the city.

Organizers with the campaign say that one in 10 Calgarians are living near or below the poverty line and one in three worry about being able to afford housing.

The group is handing out red rings to symbolize their cause and hope it will prompt more people to take action.

Calgary’s mayor is already on board with the idea.

“This is really about three things; learn, act and share,” said Naheed Nenshi. “I really encourage Calgarians to learn more about people living in poverty. Too often we live an insulated life and we don’t understand that our next door neighbour could be going through extraordinary struggles in any neighbourhood.”

Anyone looking for more information about the campaign can go to