Brookfield Residential Alberta launched a new community in north Calgary on Tuesday morning that is expected to eventually have a population of roughly 30,000.

The community of Livingston, located near the juncture of 144 Street and Centre Street North, is slated to include both residential and commercial areas, the proposed final stop of the north leg of the LRT Green Line (North Pointe station) and, potentially, Calgary’s northernmost hospital.

“As everyone knows, Coventry and Panorama are all built out,” said Ward 3 councillor Jim Stevenson. “If we don’t provide the opportunity for people to buy here, they’ll go to Airdrie.”

Stevenson adds Livingston has been identified as the preferred location for the city’s next hospital. “That’s the next campus. They’d like to put it here.”

Trent Edwards, Brookfield Residential’s COO, say the name Livingston honours the legacy of Sam Livingston, one of Calgary’s first residents. Livingston, a farmer, tended to land in the area of the community that will bear his name.

The councillor for the area says the 1,200 acre community will offer previously unforeseen opportunities for residents of north-central Calgary.

“All the way up and down Centre Street you’re going to see shops and restaurants and offices and everything,” said Stevenson. “Not only will people be able to live here but they’ll be able to work here.”

“It’s just like a city of its own north of Stoney Trail.”

Construction is underway in Livingston’s first phase of development that will include nearly 400 homes.