Calgary now has a new ER department and the new facility couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hospital staff is struggling to keep up with a glut of flu cases that have sprung up since last week and overloaded health resources for the city.

The South Health Campus emergency department is the newest in the city, but it isn’t the biggest.

The department only has about 30 beds, but it does have room to expand.

Emergency departments have been overwhelmed with a recent outbreak of the flu and norovirus, which have pushed capacity of all hospitals past 100 percent.

Doctors say the new department will help to relieve pressure.

“We’re expecting, with the recent increases in the other departments because of the flu, we will definitely be busy and alleviate some of their volumes,” says Dr. Colin Del Castilho, emergency physician.

The department at the South Health Campus will see an estimated 60,000 patients per year.

However, since the hospital itself isn’t fully operational yet, many of the patients admitted there may end up being transferred to another hospital in Calgary.

85% of emergency patients are usually treated and released.