A new mural outside the Sunalta LRT Station pays tribute to a Calgary grandmother while recognizing the charitable organization behind the project.

The mural is a project by Calgary developers Prominent Homes, sharing the work of its charity, Prominent Homes Charitable Organization (PHCO), started by the Shergill family.

The mural is of Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa, a single mother of three who immigrated from India.

“She was really into creating strong women,"  said Sherri Shergill, Dhindsa’s granddaughter. "She was the first exposure to a feminist I had, she was really into teaching us and she had this really gentle, loving approach that I think everybody that met her felt that she was also their grandma.”

In the mural, Dhindsa is seen holding a little girl. The child was born through Mata Jai Kaur (MJK) Clinic,  a women’s prenatal clinic in a village in a rural part of Rajasthan India, that  the Shergill family established.

The clinic provides women with free medical care during and after pregnancy, in a safe and clean environment.

“What we’re doing in the clinic is trying to ensure the health of the mother from conception to birth," said Shergill.

"It’s about providing health care and also providing education about women’s bodies and the right they have to choose and ... to take their health into their own hands,”

PHCO began awarding scholarships to Calgary high school students in Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa’s name in 2008.

“The best thing she got from her father was access to education," said Pal Shergill with Prominent Homes Charitable Organization.

"She was able to become educated at a time when many people growing up in India, coming to Canada, single mothers didn't have that opportunity,”

The organization says the mural pays tribute to a woman who helped inspire the charitable work they do.

“We’ve been in Sunalta for 10 plus years now and really wanted to give something back to the community, just enhance and beautify the neighbourhood,” said Pal Shergill.

Dhindsa would have turned 88 years old on Friday September 13, 2019.

The mural is located at the corner of 10 Avenue and 16 Street S.W.

It was created by local artists Sergey Ryutin (Insta@bravotoner) and Alex Kwong (Insta@_alexkwong).