CALGARY -- A new video series launched online this week to help newcomers to Alberta settle in and navigate everyday life situations.

Immigrant Services Calgary is behind the project, Alberta Newcomers: How-to and Smart Tips Video Series, giving newcomers free 24/7 access to video resources.

“What we wanted to do is to provide a reliable source of comprehensive information in one place that’s easy to understand,” said Noel Tsang, Program Coordinator of the Smart Tips Video Series at Immigrant Services Calgary.

Topics include:

  • How to rent a home
  • Accessing health care services
  • What do do in a car crash
  • Resources to learn English

“The information you will access with our videos are specific to Alberta,” said Tsang. 

The centre said new videos and materials will be released each month. Each video has links to vocabulary lists, knowledge check, quizzes and other information and agency referral links relevant to that topic. 

15 videos will be produced in the next year and a half, in a project funded by the province. 

“We really want to use more technology and innovation to provide services to new immigrants. Through doing these video series in addition to things like online counselling, having a settlement platform, having a virtual career fair, we’re adding to our virtual tool box to provide increased accessibility to immigrants who want to access settlement services,” said Tsang. 

Immigrant Services Calgary is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of settlement services to immigrants and refugees including resources to help find a job, Canadian citizenship preparation and English language assessment. 

The group is one of the largest service providers in the city, assisting 24-27,000 newcomers each year.

The video series was launched on Monday. To watch the videos, visit the Settlement Calgary website.