Street performers in the City of Calgary now have more options and can enjoy a much more flexible process to help them get out and be a part of the city's festival scene.

Officials have announced greater flexibility for busking IDs, an online application process and payment options, and the introduction of exclusive 'busk stops' and Calgary Transit stations.

“The art of street performance adds vibrancy to public spaces like parks, streets and transit stations. It helps attract tourists and entertains citizens alike. In fact, many highly successful performers have been discovered while busking,” says Sarah Iley, manager of Culture in a release. “With these changes we hope to make it easier for buskers and add to the number of performances happening around Calgary.”

Buskers, or street performers, are vital to Calgary's identity, culture, and spirit, providing adding energy to the city's many festivals, officials say.

There are about 500 busking IDs issued on a yearly basis and with those IDs, performers are allowed to entertain residents on a variety of city streets and various parks.

There are now three types available:

  • Standard Busket ID - free of charge, gives access for buskers to perform in public locations such as city parks and streets
  • Calgary Transit Busker ID - $25 and requires a complete Police Information Check completed within the last year, allows access to all areas except designated busk stops
  • Busk Stop ID - $50, gives one year access to perform at select busk stop locations, which are high traffic, high  volume areas that are ideal for experienced and professional performers

The city says that the busk stop pilot project will include eight stops in Kensington on 17 Avenue and on Stephen Avenue Mall, but more locations could be added throughout the city.

To obtain an ID, buskers can now also apply and pay their fees online. By choosing this method, applicants will receive their ID in the mail.

The regular drop off and pay locations are still available if online is not an option.

Busking guidelines can be found on the city's website, and street performers can apply for an ID through the following link.

Additional information can be found online at