Another poll, released just six months ahead of the election in Calgary, shows that Nenshi’s approval ratings are continuing to plummet.

The numbers, compiled by Mainstreet Research, show Nenshi’s approval rating is now just 52 percent.

That’s the lowest level he’s had since he took office in 2010.

The mayor’s approval rating has been steadily dropping this year, starting out at 65 percent in January and then falling to 60 percent the following month.=

At the same time, his disapproval ratings have been climbing, starting at 30 percent in January and then going up to 46 percent in March.

“Going after his third mandate we kind of expect that to be the danger zone for any leader even Mayor Nenshi is not invincible or immune to these sorts of things,” says Quito Maggi with Mainstreet Research.  

Nenshi had started the year as the third most popular mayor in Canada, behind Ottawa and Saskatoon.

Now, if the approval ratings of other mayors remained steady, Nenshi would be closer to ninth position in line.

Nenshi isn’t putting that much weight on one poll.

“I go to work each day and try to do a good job and ultimately the people will tell me in the fall if I’m doing a good job or not,” he says.  

Calgarians have some mixed feeling about the mayor and his slipping approval numbers.

“Not really too surprised,” says Marc Lawrence. “ It’s the way he got in. I think he got in based on social media not necessarily popularity at the time and I think if it wasn’t for twitter and the rest of it he wouldn’t have gotten elected so I think truer colours are coming out.”

“The economy is not very good and a lot of people are out of work that has a lot to do with it. The economy is not good we’re hurting out here we need jobs and we need housing,” says Brenda Trottier

“I still think he’s a good mayor and he’s doing a fairly good job. I would vote for him again and give him another chance,” says Lois Owen.

In the poll, the people who most strongly approved of Nenshi were 18- 34 year olds but that’s also the same age group who said they most strongly disapproved of him too.

One political scientist says polls such as this should be taken with a grain of salt still Lori Williams thinks the declining numbers suggest more candidates could now enter the mayor’s race.

“There may be people who have been thinking about municipal politics and thinking it just wasn’t a possibility for them,” she says. “The mayor’s chair was a secure seat for the foreseeable future now that looks like that may be in question.”

As for the upcoming election, Nenshi’s top opponent is Andre Chabot, the longtime councilor for Ward 10.

Local businessman Shawn Baldwin is also in the running, alongside Grow Calgary founder Paul Hughes.

Election Day is October 16.