CALGARY -- A six-week program aimed at providing valuable skills and experiences for clients seeking sustainable work in warehousing is launching.

The Warehouse Ready Employment Service will include first-aid and WHIMS certification as well as an education in pallet jacks, forklifts and other machinery.

"We will help any Calgarian who come to us that needs help," said Karen Ramchuk, President of the Women In Need Society (WINS). "We really want to focus on people that are having a hard time getting employed."

The purpose of the service is to teach industry technical skills and to improve the participants' long-term employment situation and income.

"Today in Calgary, the warehousing industry is one of the biggest, largest in demand industries," said Ramchuk. "We see this as a valuable way to use the skills that we have at WINS to help others get the skills that they require."

After the six-week program is complete, participants will have the option to apply for a three-month apprenticeship at WINS' operation centre.

The dates for the course are:

  • April 19- May 29
  • May 31-July 10
  • July 12- August 21

For more information about the program call (403) 852-1075