Not everyone wants to see Hockey Calgary eliminate bodychecking from Pee Wee hockey.

NLH linesman, Don Henderson of Calgary, was part of a 10 person bodychecking sub-committee that recommended, among other things, that bodychecking stay in elite levels of Pee Wee hockey and removed entirely at lower levels of Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget.

Instead, Hockey Calgary announced last week that the committee recommended to take bodychecking out of Pee Wee altogether and will put that issue to a vote at its annual general meeting on June 23rd.

If passed in June, Calgary would be the only area in Canada other than the province of Quebec to not have bodychecking in Pee Wee.

"Quite frankly, in my mind, it's discrimination," says Henderson. "It forces kids of Calgary to play at a competitive disadvantage and they can not excel at the game."

Henderson would prefer more education and better coaching tools to ensure players are delivering and receiving bodychecks properly.