CALGARY -- A Calgary dayhome operator is answering questions after leaving six children home alone without adult supervision Thursday.

Calgary Police Service members responded to a dayhome in the northeast neighbourhood of Coventry Hills just before 1 p.m. and discovered children — ranging in age from infants to five years old — alone in the home.

Police were alerted to the situation after a visibly upset five-year-old went next door to the neighbour's and told them they were alone.

The neighbour called 911, summoning the police. Officers were still at the house when the woman who runs the Over the Rainbow Dayhome returned. Investigators said she left due to a personal emergency.

The Calgary Police's Children At Risk Response Team checked the kids, and determined them to be unharmed and in good health.

Police said the situation didn't meet the threshold for criminal charges and turned the case over to the province.

Children's Services representatives confirm they are looking into the situation.

With files from CTV News' Camilla di Giuseppe