CALGARY – After AHS officials closed down a northeast restaurant last week, the business told CTV News they were given the all clear on Wednesday morning.

Health inspectors at the business, called Lovely Sweets – Sweets Kitchen on 52 Avenue N.E., discovered a number of conditions dangerous to public health during an inspection earlier this month including an "abundance of mouse droppings on stored food and in food preparation and food storage areas."

"In traps throughout the facility, several dead mice were observed at varying degrees of decay," the order reads.

Inspectors also found evidence of vermin in the restaurant's warehouse, including mouse droppings on surfaces next to uncovered ready-to-eat foods and take-out food containers that had been chewed on and damaged by mice.

Aside from the mice, officials also located heavy accumulations of grease and dirt on kitchen walls, on equipment used to prepare food and on door handles of the walk-in cooler and freezer in the warehouse.

"Deep fried foods were stored in old, greasy cardboard boxes and rubber containers that were not food grade," the document continues. "Chemical spray bottles were not labelled to indicate their contents."

Health inspectors also identified large cooking pots that had been stored in the employee bathroom that did not have any hand soap for employees to use.

As a result, the AHS ordered the owner to immediately close the restaurant and undertake proper measures before it would be allowed to reopen.

The manager told CTV News Wednesday evening the restaurant was open business as usual on Oct. 23 after all the criteria set out by AHS were met.

However, despite the business being open, the AHS still had the order posted on their website.