Mount Pleasant residents can enjoy fresh local roasted coffee beans from a unique community cupboard.

The little red box holds four bags at a time and purchasers pay cash on an honour system.

“Coffee is community right, coffee is cozy community kind of feeling stuff,” said Larissa Reimann.

Her husband Rick Eden is an avid coffee drinker and roasts the beans using a vintage machine in their garage.

Coffee 2

It was Reimann’s idea to install a community cupboard on their fence when the couple wound up with an excess of beans, in what’s become a heartwarming experiment for them.

“That’s the best part, getting to interact with people in that way," she said. "Lots of people have left little notes for us in fact saying very kind things about Mount Pleasant Roastery.”

Each bag is printed with their logo using a printing press from the 1920s.

Eden prefers using classic methods to create coffee.

“A hundred years from now, that press will still be running the way it is now, and the same thing with the roaster," said Eden. "That roaster is really meant to last a lifetime.”

There are no plans to expand the concept to a more commercial operation, however the couple did recently double the size of the little red box due to increased interest from nearby neighbours, and visitors from around the world.